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“I Am Christ” Grey on grey, this stylish and fun t-shirt carries a profound message. It features a silhouette of a golfer at the end of a drive. Beside this image is the slogan “You may not know who I AM but know Christ.” Its scripture reference, Exodus 3:14, is also included. This slogan makes reference to the conversation God had with Moses about sending him on a mission to free the children of Israel. In that discussion, Moses asked who he should say sent him. Or what name should he give? God’s response was to tell them “I Am” sent you. This t-shirt identifies Christ and God as One and the “I Am”. An excellent evangelism tool, it tells your fellow golfers that Christ is the one they should know. A humble slogan, it says that you are unimportant, but that your goal is to get everyone to know Christ – not necessarily you. Thought provoking, it will likely lead to stimulating conversation on the tee box or in the clubhouse. Made of quality cotton, it is hardy, strong and durable. It is available in sizes XS to 3X making it an ideal uniform for Christian golf leagues.

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